The following list includes spreadsheets and presentations that describe in detail the modeled finances of GGD's pilot project, based on a number of productivity assumptions that will be tested and reassessed throughout the pilot project's implementation.

By year 5, we want to provide 108,000 servings of protein per year to undernourished populations and generate a surplus of $20,000.00 per year from the ongoing business operation.

GGD should produce at least 70 L of milk per day that will be sold directly to food insecure villagers. At 4.23 servings per L, this represents a daily output of 296 accessible protein servings, 108,000 protein servings per year, or 2 protein servings per week for 1,039 people.

GGD should earn a $20,000.00 annual surplus after expenses with a 30% ROS.